Sunday 17 September 

Golden Circle tour with Secret Lagoon and Friðheimar 

The tour will start with nice bath at the Secret Lagoon, authentic lagoon just by Flúðir village http://secretlagoon.is/

The Secret Lagoon consists of natural hot springs which have been kept natural and unique so guests can get the true Icelandic feeling. The natural surroundings of the pool and the steam rising into the air gives the place a magical feeling. The warm water holds 38–40 degrees Celsius (100–104 Fahrenheit) all year. In the area, there are several geothermal spots and a little geyser which erupts every five minutes, showing off for the guests relaxing in the hot spring.
Just remember to bring your bathing suits and towel!

After a nice relax at the Lagoon it is time for lunch. You will have your lunch at Friðheimar http://fridheimar.is/en, Friðheimar will start with welcoming you with a small introduction of their work and little surprise that will lift your spirit. There you can gain some insight into the processes of greenhouse Horticulture, as it is quite remarkable that it is possible to grow vegetables in the cold climate, by creating warm Mediterranean conditions, all year round.

After lunch we will head for Gullfoss and Geysir, Gullfoss waterfall, which many consider to be the queen of Icelandic waterfalls as it is both high and mighty and stumbles dramatically in a deep gorge. After Gullfoss waterfall we will head for Geysir geothermal area in Haukadalur where you can see geysers, hot springs, steam vents and eerie blue algae. Strokkur is one of the largest and most powerful geysers and erupts almost every five minutes.

Your last stop will be at Þingvellir, Icaland National Park, where the Icelandic Parliament was founded over 1000 years ago. At Þingvellir you will see how the earth is ever so slowly pulling apart along the North-America and Eurasian tectonic plates and you will be able to stand where the Viking settlers stood centuries ago to edict national laws.
After Þingvellir you will be heading back to Reykjavik, and estimated arrival time is around 18:00.

We hope you will enjoy the tour!

Pick up from: Hilton conference venue
Departure time: 09:00
Duration: whole day event
Included: guide, lunch, entrance to the Secret Lagoon at Flúðir
Min: 15
Price: ISK 24.000

Reykjavik erupts – visit the volcanoes

An eruption in Reykjavik is not a question of if, just when. It´s volcanoes erupt every 500-1000 years. The last one erupted almost 900 years ago, another more than 1.000 years ago and the third one, a wild canon, erupted more than 2.000 years ago. In other words, they are overdue. But don´t be alarmed, we should know several days ahead. So, you can relax and enjoy a tour into the beautiful nature of Reykjavik´s volcanoes spiced up with some geological knowledge and good storytelling.

On our way to Seltún we will see where the lava ran last time and where it is most likely that it will run to shore next time – which is over one of the newest districts in the capital area.

Apart from being the center of volcanic activity, Seltún is a highly active and stunningly beautiful geothermal area with hot springs and boiling fumaroles all around. We take a walk around the area with a guide specialized in the geology and volcanic activity of the area. It is a perfect time to take pictures, enjoy the nature and each other’s company.

On our way from Seltún we stop at Maríuhellar, a perfect and easy to access example of a lava tube cave. We explain how these caves are formed during an eruption and take a look into the caves while enjoying a complimentary refreshment. Stories about the former residents of the cave, ordinary people, outlaws, elves and trolls might follow.

We park a short walk away from the river and where we can see the lava that ran through this part of the city 4.600 years ago. We enjoy the beautiful view point over the waterfalls, answer your questions, take pictures and salute the volcanoes before going back to the hotel.

Pick up from: Hilton Reykjavik Nordica
Departure time: 09:00
Duration: 4 – 5 hours
Min: 3
Price: ISK 16.000

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